Booking Arrangements

To keep costs down, I charge a flat rate of £75/delegate/day. This includes ALL training material and is an all in cost – there is no VAT and I don’t charge travel or overnight stay. I work with a local authority who provides the venue, organises the training and all arrangements on the day. I invoice the local authority who then collect payment from delegates. As an incentive, I offer a free place to the organiser. Depending on the location, there may be a minimum number of delegates – usually 16. I don’t take payment before the event but invoice the organiser directly. I provide CPD and am happy to answer any questions or queries from delegates after the session.

I am also looking into organising sessions directly, but this will probably prove to be more expensive if I have to organise and pay for the venue.

Please get in touch to talk over your needs. My whole ethos is to keep training affordable and relevant to the delegates. I will produce additional sessions on demand or tweak existing so please do get in touch.

tel 07793215183

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